what is gestational diabetesNew research study from Mexico shows that the amino acid L-arginine, in addition to antioxidant vitamins, could help prevent preeclampsia in expectant mommies. The ladies in the research study ate the amino acid and the vitamins in a low-cost food bar each day. According to the Preeclampsia Structure, preeclampsia is ‘a lethal disorder that happens only during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Preeclampsia and associated problems such as HELLP disorder and eclampsia are frequently identified by a rapid surge in blood pressure that could lead to seizure, stroke, multiple organ failing and also fatality of the mother and/or baby.’ The only remedy is delivery. The study, summarized on WebMD, looked mostly at ladies who had a history of preeclampsia as well as went to high risk for it. Preeclampsia affects a lot more women in underdeveloped countries, and also in the Caribbean and also Latin America, preeclampsia is in charge of 25% of childbirth-related deaths. The research study:

  • 700 ladies that had a record of preeclampsia
  • Weeks 20-32: The females were asked to consume unique food bars.
  • There were 3 kinds of bars and the ladies were separated into 3 teams. One 3rd each eaten: – (1) bars containing L-arginine as well as antioxidant vitamins, (2) bars containing the vitamins alone, and (3) bars with neither the amino acid nor the vitamins


  • 12.7% of the women in the L-arginine plus vitamin team developed preeclampsia
  • 22.4% of the women in the vitamin-alone team established preeclampsia
  • 30.2% of the females in the no-supplement group created preeclampsia

(Note that in general, the females just ate half the amount of bars they were asked to eat and also 125 stopped consuming benches at some time during the research study.) While the results are really promising, some professionals point out that we still should determine whether the same outcomes would occur in women in developed nations. Regardless, the concept is worthy of even more focus, as this preliminary study generated remarkable results.