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Pregnancy belly painting is growing significantly prominent. It is a lovely and one-of-a-kind way to celebrate your pregnancy and also squeeze that moment forever.

Make your maternity even a lot more unforgettable. Why not have your belly painted for your infant shower, or prepare a maternal image shoot with your stomach painted?

Do not utilize acrylic, latex, or any sort of other paints not accepted for use on the skin.

Step 1: Select your design
Decide on a picture or theme that will comply with a bent canvas, or make use of complimentary form.

Step 2: Get a face painting kit
Get a face-painting kit that consists of the shades for your design.

Even though face paint is mild and also should not discolor, examine a tiny spot of skin for allergies.

Step 3: Wash and prep the area
Wash your belly to remove excess oil or dust. Put on cleanable clothes that you do not mind staining, and also make use of a drop cloth.

Step 4: Find a comfortable position
Find a comfortable position you can stay in, including seated or reclining, until the paint has actually dried out.

Step 5: Paint your design
Paint your style making use of a soft brush and also sponge. You may need some assistance from a pal to reach all areas of your bump.

Use an eyeliner pencil to outline your design and also for any sort of detail work.

Step 6: Remove the paint
Remove the paint using cool cream or easy soap and also water. A pale shadow could stay for several days.

Did You Know?
More than 25 percent of the 4.3 million children born every year are to women having their third or 4th child.

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