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Stretch marks are slim pink or purplish streak-like lines that can create on the area of the skin. They’re additionally referred to as stria or striae. If you obtain them, they generally appear on your belly, or in some cases on your top thighs and also busts as your pregnancy advances. The initial indicator you observe could be itching around an area where the skin is becoming slim and pink.

Some creams claim to eliminate stretch marks once they’ve appeared, however there is no dependable evidence that they work. There is likewise minimal evidence about whether oils or lotions help stop stretch marks from appearing to begin with.

A review of 2 research studies considering two particular creams marketed as avoiding stretch marks located that massaging the skin might help to stop stretch marks in pregnancy.

The researches suggested that there was little or no advantage for women that created stretch marks in a previous pregnancy, but that women that had established stretch marks in puberty seemed more likely to profit from rubbing cream.

However, more research is required into whether creams or rubbing the skin can aid to stop stretch marks.

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