symptoms of gestational diabetesDo you like bagels? Do you like poppy seed or every little thing bagels? Well, if you’re due any time quickly, stop eating them. Pronto. You could have read about the mother that delighted in an innocent poppy seed bagel, went into labor and had her newborn gotten rid of by Lawrence Region Child and Youth Solutions. Poppy seeds fall under the ‘narcotics’ category. You know, like heroin? But they’re not quite the exact same thing. Right? As you could visualize, this mommy was a little bit miffed. Now she’s filing a claim against. And also I state truly so. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune post, nobody troubled to examine the mom’s previous medication examinations during her maternity, all which were negative. Caseworkers really did not also bother to speak with the mom, the fiance, the medical professional or the medical facility staff. Just, BAM! Emergency situation custody. No questions asked. Child eliminated. I would be livid. I would be more than livid. I would certainly be foaming at the mouth, crazed Mother Bear type of livid. You’re mosting likely to take my child on an incorrect accusation with no concerns asked? I’m mosting likely to sue your pants off– no inquiries asked. I comprehend that the Division of Kid and also Young people Services exists to shield youngsters. I recognize that there are some youngsters who do require to be eliminated– quickly. I also recognize that DCYS really did not adhere to through effectively here. They really did not ask concerns. They didn’t comply with method. They jumped the gun. They caused dramatization, mayhem as well as trauma. And a person ought to be held accountable. Really, it might have taken place to me. I was, shall we say, slightly irregular during my last pregnancy. I found that consuming an ‘everything’ bagel (which contains poppy seeds) in the early morning– with its added fiber– aided keep me going. If I would certainly have had one the morning I went right into labor, would certainly my baby have been extracted from me? Luckily I entered into labor the day after Thanksgiving and had just whole lots as well as lots of turkey and mashed potatoes in my system. And eco-friendly bean casserole. As well as cranberries. And also gravy. Mmm, gravy. Yet the point is that it might have taken place to me. Quite honestly, I don’t assume I would respect a monetary benefit if it was me. My lawsuit would be much more regarding making certain this rubbish– because that’s what it is– didn’t take place to an additional innocent mom, father and also infant. With any luck the promotion that this tale has actually gathered will make caseworkers ask a couple of more concerns prior to entering as well as taking infants away from innocent moms. Could this have actually occurred to you?